February 2005
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A Place for You in WMU! (con't)

WMU Annual Meeting
Shady Grove
March 19, 10 a.m.
(Covered dish lunch afterward)

It was decided at the recent WMU Executive Board Meeting that we will have a quilt show and each church is asked to bring one quilt square using the following guidelines:

  • Have a 12 inch square of 100% cotton (any color); prewashed; no fabric softener
  • Keep the design within a 9 inch area
  • Create a quilt square that represents your church. (Does not have to be WMU related)
  • The name of the church must be in the square
Be as creative as you want, using photo transfer, applique, or writing. All writing must be with archival ink. These pens can be purchased at any quilt store.

Bring the 12 inch square to the annual meeting. (Do not trim, that will be done later. The finished product will be 9 inches when it is straightened and sewn.) Each church will be given ONE minute to explain their square.

Each church is asked to bring ONE quilt for display that has a story/history. The story/history should be written and attached to the back. Miss Alma Hunt is coming with her quilt and will wrap up our program.

See you there. Any questions, give Rebekah a call.

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