August 2008
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Calendar 2008

		1	New Year's Day (SBA office closed)
		5	All State First Rehearsal Weekend
		6	Collegiate Ministries Emphasis Day
		8	SBA Ministers Conference, 
			Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		10	SBA WMU Planning Meeting
			(SBA WMU leadership team members
 			& church WMU directors), 
			SBA Office, 5:15 p.m.
		11-12	National Sunday School Directors’ 
			Seminar, EE
		14-15	Male Chorale Rehearsal/Retreat, EE
		20	Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

		1-2	21-C Conference, First Baptist Church, Woodbridge, Virginia
		3	Baptist World Alliance Day
		5	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		6-7	Network of Associational Workers/Virginia Missions Forum, 
			Roslyn Conference Center
		8-9	Virginia Baptist Handbell Festival for 2-3 Octaves/3-5 Octaves, EE
		10-17	WMU Focus Week
		15-16	SWAT Weekend Connection, Williamsburg
		15-16	Virginia Baptist Handbell Festival:  3-5 Octaves (Richmond area)
		17	Virginia Baptist Colleges and Schools Day
		21	Virginia Ministry Education Forum, EE
		22-23	SWAT Weekend Connection, Staunton
		29-03/01	SBCV Student Pastor Retreat, Williamsburg
		29-03/01	Virginia Baptist All-State Choirs Weekend
		29-03/01	Creativity & Youth Engagement (CYE), Abingdon
				Registration deadline:  Feb. 15, 2008

		2-9	2008 Week of Prayer for North American Missions/
			North American Mission Study/
			Annie Armstrong Easter Offering/Global Mission Offering
		4	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		6-8	Children’s Ministry Certification, VBRC, Richmond
		7-8	African American Fellowship “Pastors and Friends” Conference
		7-9	Senior High Weekend, EE
		11	Executive Committee, VBRC, Richmond
		14-15	CBF of Virginia General Assembly, First Baptist, Waynesboro
		16	Special Education Day
		23	EASTER SUNDAY (SBA office closed March 20 & 24)
		25	Spiritual Development Training
		28-29	Collegiate LTC, EE

		1	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		3-5	Children’s Ministry Certification, VBRC, Richmond
		4-5	Creativity & Youth Engagement (CYE), Abingdon
		7-11	Intentional Interim Ministry Residential Lab, EE
		8-9	Virginia Baptist Mission Board, VBRC, Richmond
		11-13	Acteen Weekender, EE
		12	Regional Disaster Relief Training, Amherst Baptist Church, Amherst
		13	Cooperative Program Sunday
		15	SBA Executive Board Meeting, Mount Hermon
		15	Ministers New to Virginia, VBRC, Richmond
		18-19	Women’s Silence Retreat, CrossRoads CCC
		19	SBA WMU Annual Meeting, Timber Ridge, 10 a.m.
			(Bring a side dish or dessert for the luncheon after the meeting.)
		25-26	“Spiritual Leadership” Conference with Henry & Richard Blackaby,
			Highland Fellowship, Abingdon
		25-26	Mom & Me I, EE
		26-27	Mom & Me II, EE

		2-3	Pastor-Deacon Retreat, EE
		4	Virginia Baptist Homes Day
		6	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		12-13	Senior Adult Sing and Share Festival of Praise, Roanoke
		12-13	Men’s Golf Retreat, Eagle Eyrie
		12-15	Administrative Assistant on vacation
		13	Executive Committee, VBRC, Richmond
		13	Budget Committee, VBRC, Richmond
		16-18	VA Baptist Media Library Association Spring Workshop, EE
		18-25	Associational Missions Emphasis/Week of Prayer
		19-21	Senior Adult Retreat, EE
		19-22	Gathering of Silence Retreat, CrossRoads CCC
		26	Memorial Day Observed (SBA office closed)
		29	SBA VBS Clinic, Bedford Baptist 7-9 p.m.
		30-31	Summer Youth Ministry Conference, VBRC, Richmond

		1-7	SBA Mission Trip to Vermont
		3	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		6-8	Virginia Baptist Conference for the Deaf, EE
		7	Bible Drills & Speakers' Tournament, Location TBA
		10-11	Southern Baptist Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana
		15	Virginia Baptist Children's Home and Family Services Day
		19-20	National Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Memphis, TN
		21-24	Passport Kids 1, EE
		22	Auditions for Jonah, Bedford Baptist Fellowship Hall, 2 p.m.
			(Details inside this newsletter)
		22-28	Virginia Baptist Heritage Week
		26-29	Passport Kids 2, EE
		30-July 3 Passport Kids 3, EE

		1	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		3	SBA office closed
		6	Religious Liberty Sunday
		7-11	Centri-Kid 1, EE
		14	Registration deadline for Children’s Summer Music Camp
		14-19	Missions Connection, EE
		21-25	Summer Music Camp for Grades 4-8, EE
		22	Baptist Extension Board, VBRC, Richmond
		28-Aug. 1	SBA Children’s Summer Music Camp, Bedford Baptist
		Aug. 1	SBA Music Camp Program, “Oh, Jonah!”
			Bedford Baptist, 7 p.m.
		28-Aug. 1	Centri-Kid II, EE

		5	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		4-8	Centri-Kid III, EE
		7-8	SBCV Youth Evangelism Conference, Hampton
		11-15	Ministers’ Family Retreat, Oak Hill Academy
		22-23	Praise Team Weekend, EE

		2	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		5-6	SBCV Church Leadership Conference, Mount Pleasant Church, 
			Colonial Heights
		7-14	BGAV Week of Prayer/Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions
		7-14	SBCV Week of Prayer/Offering for State Missions
		16	Executive Committee, VBRC, Richmond
		16	Budget Committee, VBRC, Richmond
		19-20	Sunday School Summit (S3), EE
		23	Ministers New to Virginia Orientation, VBRC, Richmond
		26-27	Virginia Baptist Men's Gathering, Ridge Baptist, Richmond
		27	Bedford CenterFest
		28	Religious Herald Sunday

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