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You may download these freeware programs for use in your church. CHDBCOM.EXE is a church membership database, CONCOM.EXE is a Contributions Record database, and OUTCOM.EXE is a prospect database. All three programs are DOS applications developed by John Ware, a layman at First Baptist Church of Grandview, MO. These programs are in use by hundreds of churches all over the world.

To download, click on the program names above. Create a new folder for each program, and place the downloaded file into the new folder. For example, create the folder CHDBCOM, and move chdbcom.exe into that folder. Do the same with the other downloaded files.

Using Windows Explore, double click the program name from inside its new folder. This will cause it to UNZIP itself. Once the program files are UNZIPPED you can click on the .bat file so it will install itself. A DOS screen will appear with some brief instructions. As you continue, other Windows screens will appear asking for your input to continue the installation.

If you agree, a desktop icon will be added to your Windows Desktop. A double-click on this icon opens the program. The rest is pretty intuitive. You will have to go through the many menus in order to add your church's information. Remember to always back up your databases. It is a terrible thing to spend hours inputting hundreds of names only to lose it all because there was no backup file!

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