July 2010
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Calendar 2010
		1	New Year's Day (SBA office closed)
		3	Collegiate Ministries Emphasis Day
		5	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
			(David Timma will have the program)
		9	All State Choirs Rehearsal Weekend, Richmond
		14	SBA WMU Planning Meeting, Association Office, 5:15 p.m.
		15-16	SBCV Youth Evangelism Conference, Va. Beach
		17	Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
		18-19	Male Chorale Rehearsal/Retreat, EE
		19	Executive Committee, VBRC, Richmond
		28	Tax/Financial Support Planning Seminar, North Roanoke B.C.
		29-30	21-C Conference, Gayton B.C., Henrico
		2	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
			(Jackie Carver will have the program)
3-4 Administrative Assistant on Vacation
3-4 Network of Associational Workers/Virginia Missions Forum, Roslyn Conference Center 5-6 Virginia Baptist Handbell Festival for 2-3 Octaves/3-5 Octaves, EE 11 Tax & Financial Support Planning Seminar, West Lynchburg B.C. 12-13 SBCV Pastors/Staff & Wives Retreat, Staunton 14-21 WMU Focus Week 16 Baptist Extension Board Annual Meeting, VBRC, Richmond 19-20 Virginia Baptist Handbell Festival: 3-5 Octaves, Richmond 21 Virginia Baptist Colleges and Schools Day 22-23 Executive Committee Meeting, SBC 26-27 Virginia Baptist All-State Choirs Weekend, Richmond
2 SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
(Michael Cox will have the program)
2 Called “Town Hall” Executive Board Meeting, Trinity, 7 p.m.
5-7 Senior High Weekend, EE
7-14 2010 Week of Prayer for North American Missions/North
American Mission Study/Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
9 Executive Committee, VBRC, Richmond
9 Intentional Interim Ministry Update, EE
11-13 Children’s Ministry Certification, VBRC, Richmond
12-13 CBF of Virginia General Assembly, Virginia Beach
20 SBA WMU Annual Meeting, Bethlehem, 10 a.m.
21 Special Education Day
1 Application Deadline for BGAV Achievement Scholarships &
BGAV Ministerial Educational Funds
1 & 5 SBA Office closed for Easter
2 Good Friday
6 SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
(Rick Mallory will have the program)
11 Cooperative Program Sunday
13-14 Virginia Baptist Mission Board, VBRC, Richmond
15-17 Children’s Ministry Certification, VBRC, Richmond
16-18 Weekender for Teen Girls, EE
19-23 Intentional Interim Ministry Residential Lab, EE
20 SBA Executive Board Meeting, Mount Olivet, 7 p.m.
23-24 Mom & Me I, EE
23-24 Women’s Silence Retreat, CrossRoads CCC
24-25 Mom & Me II, EE
26-29 Administrative Assistant on vacation
30 Orientation of Ministers New to Virginia, VBRC, Richmond May
2 Virginia Baptist Homes Day
4 SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
(Vernon DeLong will have the program)
9 Baptist World Alliance Sunday
10-11 Senior Adult Festival of Praise, TBD
11 Executive Committee, VBRC, Richmond
14-16 VA Baptist Media Library Association Spring Workshop, EE
16-23 Associational Missions Emphasis/Week of Prayer
17-18 Summer Youth Ministry Conference, VBRC, Richmond
17-19 Senior Adult Retreat, EE
18 Preparing for Retirement Seminar, Roanoke, 9 a.m.-12 Noon
22 CrossRoads 25th Anniversary Celebration
31 Memorial Day (Office Closed) June
1 SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
5 WMU Annual Planning, Rebekah Overstreet’s home, 9 a.m.
11-13 Virginia Baptist Conference for the Deaf, EE
13-14 National WMU Annual Meeting/Missions Celebration, Orlanda, FL
15-16 Southern Baptist Convention, Louisville, KY
19-22 Passport Kids 1, EE
20 HopeTree Family Services Day
(Virginia Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services)
20-26 Impact Virginia! Mission Camp
24-25 CBF National General Assembly, First B.C., Winston-Salem
24-27 Passport Kids 2, EE
27-July 3 Virginia Baptist Heritage Week
4 Religious Liberty Sunday
5 Independence Day Holiday (SBA office closed)
6 SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
(Dennis Moore is responsible for the program.)

5-9 Centri-Kid 1, EE
11-17 Impact Virginia! Mission Camp
12-16 SBCV Studentz Camp, Liberty University
12-16 Summer Music/Worship Arts Camp for Grades 4-8, EE
18-24 Impact Virginia! Mission Camp
19-24 MC2, EE
20 Baptist Extension Board Semi-Annual Mtng., VBRC, Richmond
26-30 Centri-Kid 2, EE
26-30 SBA Summer Music Camp, Bedford Baptist, 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
30 SBA Summer Music Camp program, Bedford Baptist, 7 p.m.

28-08/01 Baptist World Congress, Honolulu, Hawaii
30-08/01 Centri-Kid 3, EE

2-4 Centri-Kid 4, EE
2-6 Ministers’ Family Retreat, Oak Hill Academy
3 SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
7 Church Weekday Conference, Cool Spring BC, Mechanicsville
20-21 iPraise Weekend, EE
26-27 SBCV Ministers’ Wives Pre-conference, Richmond Marriott
27-28 SBCV Living Proof Live with Beth Moore, Richmond Coliseum

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