March 2011
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Calendar 2011
1 New Year's Day
2 Collegiate Ministries Emphasis Day
4 SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
4-6 SBCV Studentz Collegiate Winter Retreat, WVA
8 All State Choirs Rehearsal, Richmond 11 Nominating Committee, Association Office, 1 p.m.
14-15 SBCV Studentz Youth Evangelism Conference, Va. Beach
16 Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
18 SBA WMU Planning Meeting, Association Office, 5:15 p.m.
18 SBCV Church Health Workshop, Roanoke
20 SBCV Church Health Workshop, Lynchburg
24-25 Male Chorale Rehearsal/Retreat, EE 28-29 21-C Conference, Gayton B.C., Henrico February
1 SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30) (Michael Cox will bring the devotional)
4-5 Virginia Baptist Handbell Festival for 2-3 Octaves/3-5 Octaves, EE
9 Tax/Financial Support Planning Seminar, Melrose B.C., Roanoke
13-20 WMU Focus Week
18-19 Virginia Baptist Handbell Festival: 3-5 Octaves, Richmond
19 Children’s Ministry Day
20 Virginia Baptist Colleges and Schools Day March
1 SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
5 SBCV SWAT One Day, Green Ridge Church, Roanoke
6-13 2011 North American Missions Emphasis/
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering/Global Missions Offering
8 Executive Committee, VBRC, Richmond
10-12 Children’s Ministry Certification, VBRC, Richmond
11-12 CBF of Virginia General Assembly
11-13 Senior High Weekend, EE
25-26 Stewardship Development Conference, EE
SBCV MISSION OPPORTUNITY: March 1-April 30, 2011 We all know how comforting favorite blankets can be to children. In disasters, these blankets are often destroyed, just when the children need them most. During March and April, the SBCV is collecting small blankets made especially for children to comfort them when they visit the Disaster Relief Childcare Trailer. April
1 Application Deadline for BGAV Achievement Scholarships &
BGAV Ministerial Educational Funds
4-8 Intentional Interim Ministry Update, EE
5 SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
8-10 “Shine” Weekender for Teen Girls, EE
10 Cooperative Missions/Cooperative Program Sunday
11-14 SBA Office Closed (Administrative Assistant on Vacation)
12-13 Virginia Baptist Mission Board, VBRC, Richmond
14-16 Children’s Ministry Certification, VBRC, Richmond
15-16 SBCV Women’s Conference, Thomas Road, Lynchburg
19 SBA Executive Board Meeting, Norwood, 7 p.m.
21 & 25 SBA Office Closed for Easter
24 Easter Sunday
29-30 Mom & Me I, EE
30-May 1 Mom & Me II, EE


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