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Mission trips

Vermont to evangelize, encourage, construct, and train. A small team partners with Vermont's Green Mountain Baptist Association to serve in a number of villages and towns.

Nicaragua to evangelize, disciple, and construct. There are many dates to choose from. Visit, and check out the Calendar page for a complete listing.

Virginia to share in Impact which is designed for teens to minister in our own state. To participate in the Impact youth ministries please visit for details or call the Association office to see if there are other local churches that you can join up with on a particular project.

Disaster Response to assist in disaster relief and recovery. During the year various churches plan trips to areas affected by disasters and tragedies to continue with the recovery and rebuilding of homes, churches, and communities. To learn about current projects through our North American Mission Board, please visit NAMB's site.

Keep in mind that as we firm up our plans with the respective mission partners there may be adjustments to some schedules and costs. Please stay informed and help us gather volunteers!


Gulf Coast

Hurricane Relief

Following deadly storms, a number of teams from several of our churches spend weeks working on feeding units and clean-up crews in affected cities to help individuals and churches get back on their feet. With such widespread destruction it often takes years of continued effort for the areas to return to normal.

We are deeply grateful to the many who also helped with financial and material donations. Never has our nation experienced such horrific devestation to be met with an even greater and kind-hearted generosity. Teams continue to go in the name of Christ to touch the hurting and displaced.

May 13-20, 2005
May 27 - June 2, 2006
June 16-23, 2007
June 1-7, 2008


Pioneering Missions

It is sometimes hard to believe that there is such little evangelical witness in many parts of our own country.

We ministered to a number of churches and communities of the Green Mountain Baptist Association. It was a privilege to help with their soup kitchen to the homeless and needy, join with pioneering churches in worship and prayer, share in construction projects, and even assist some of their missionaries with computer and technical needs.

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July 2-9, 2004
Interlaken, Switzerland

Summer Youth Camp

"A golfing buddy of mine, Evelyn Giles, suggested that I go on a mission trip with her. I asked her where we were going, if I went, and she said Switzerland !!! Well, that definitely is a trip, so I thought and prayed about it and said, 'Sure I'll go.' It wasn't until later that I found out that the trip was to help out at the IBC, International Baptist Convention, youth camp—Euroventure. A youth camp!!??" --by Pam Turpin

COMPLETED! Click on photo for details.
February 14-21, 2004

  • Evangelism and training!
  • Food!
  • Baseball!
  • Construction!

September 20-29, 2003
SBA to Versailles and Plaisir, France

Distributing Jesus Film and Gospel of John offers for the Year of the Bible in Europe along with invitations to nightly evangelistic services. You would prayer walk and distribute materials in mailboxes during the day in Versailles and towns around Plaisir (located southwest of Paris - possibly in some other parts of Paris as well.) Team members will also participate in Evangelistic services Wednesday night through Sunday night at the Baptist church in a suburb of Versailles called Le Chesnay.Cost per person is estimated at $1,600 (this includes airfare, travel while in country, meals, lodging, and insurance).

For more details, contact Mrs. Kathy L. Smith at 540-297-9283.

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August 30 - September 6, 2003

  • Mornings were spent doing evangelism, distributing food to remote villages, and doing construction.
  • More than 60 pastors and leaders were trained during the afternoon hours.
  • Each evening discipleship services were held for the believers.

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November 29 - December 7, 2002

  • The Good News was shared with 3,000 souls.
  • About 200 decisions for Christ were made.
  • Tons of food were distributed to the starving masses.

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August 3-12, 2002
Paris, France

  • This mission trip to the city of Paris will focus on Prayer Walking in a number of Muslim communities.
  • Team size: 6-8
  • Cost: $1,600.00 (Includes airfare, insurance, visa application [when necessary] and in-country costs for transportation, room, and board)
  • Click for a PowerPoint presentation

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March 15-26, 2002
Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

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  • Evangelism: would like a team to do evangelism on the beaches, one-on-one, through children's activities (balloons, face painting, etc.), and conduct open air worship services with the Campeche Baptist Church. Spanish or Portuguese will be a plus!
  • Team size: 8-15
  • Cost: $1,600.00 (Includes airfare, insurance, visa application [when necessary] and in-country costs for transportation, room, and board)

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