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The Road We Travel

The following excerpt is from Max Lucado's book A Gentle Thunder. The message speaks to my heart about those who travel on our "roads" in the Strawberry Association.

The faces of the three men were solemn as the mayor informed them of the catastrophe. "The rains have washed away the bridge. During the night many cars drove over the edge and into the river."

"What can we do?" asked one.

"You must stand on the side of the road and warn the drivers not to make the left turn. Tell them to take the one-lane road that follows the side of the river."

"But they drive so fast! How can we warn them?"

"By wearing these sandwich signs," the mayor explained, producing three wooden double-signs, hinged together to hang from one's shoulders. "Stand at the crossroads so drivers can see these signs until I can get someone out there to fix the bridge."

And so the men hurried out to the dangerous curve and put the signs over their shoulders.

"The drivers should see me first," spoke one. The others agreed. His sign warned, "Bridge Out!" He walked several hundred yards before the turn and took his post.

"Perhaps I should be second, so the drivers will slow down," spoke the one whose sign declared, "Reduce Speed."

"Good idea," agreed the third. "I'll stand here at the curve so people will get off the wide road and onto the narrow." His sign read simply "Take Right Road" and had a finger pointing toward the safe route.

And so the three men stood with their three signs ready to warn the travelers of the washed-out bridge. As the cars approached, the first man would stand up straight so the drivers could read, "Bridge Out."

Then the next would gesture to his sign, telling the cars to "Reduce Speed."

And as the motorists complied, they would then see the third sign, "Right Road Only." And though the road was narrow, the cars complied and were safe. Hundreds of lives were saved by the three sign holders. Because they did their job, many people were kept from peril.

But after a few hours they grew lax in their task.

Association Missions Week

Many of you have asked how the "One Dollar per Day per Member for Seven Days" offering emphasis for Association Missions Week is going. As of Friday, June 24, eleven churches have contributed $3,626. Thank you for your support!

Next month's newsletter will include an itemized update of receipts and expenditures for the first half of the 2005 budget year.

SBA Children's Summer Music Camp

For children who have completed grades K-6
Monday, August 1-Friday, August 5
9 a.m.-Noon
Bedford Baptist Church
Camp Director: Mrs. Susan Batten-Bell

On Friday evening, beginning at 6 o'clock, everyone is invited to a snack supper and a presentation by the kids of :

"A 100% Chance of Rain"
A Jazz cantata for young singers
by Walter S. Horsley

Cost is $20 per child. Registration deadline is July 11. Call Susan Batten-Bell at 540-586-9564 if you have questions.

CenterFest Ministry, September 24

Mark your calendar now, and keep up with the latest news through the Spirit and about sharing your life and faith in your own Jerusalem.

Volunteers are needed to sign up for one hour of service at the Strawberry Baptist booth to hand out water or lemonade and help with our Baby-Changing Station. We will also use this privilege to ask how we might pray for some specific need in the lives of our neighbors.

A Place for You in WMU!
Mrs. Lois Stevens, WMU Director
1118 Roundtree Dr., Bedford 24523
Phone: 540-586-7409

Women on Mission: Rainbow Forest will lead devotionals at Oakwood Manor for August. Radford will host the July birthday party for residents of Bedford County Nursing Home; Morgans will host it in August.

WMUV Virginia Baptist Ministers' Wives Retreat
August 19 & 20, 2005
Cross Roads Camp and Conference Center

The cost is $80. If your church/WMU group is willing to help with door prizes, contact Rhonda Luckie at 434-352-3669 or

Steve and Esther would like to thank the Sedalia Stars for the gift cards to Olde Liberty Station and the Edith Hicks Circle of Morgans for the gift cards to The Duchess of Bedford. We appreciate the work of the WMU organizations in churches in SBA throughout the year as well as this special remembrance during Association Missions Week.

The following church WMU organizations have reported on the baby bottle project to raise money for the Bedford Pregnancy Center:
Flint Hill...............$25.00
Quaker............... $83.73
Sedalia ...............$50.00

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Focus on Our Family

Bedford's Junior High youth are going on a mission trip to Greenville, North Carolina, June 26-July 1.
Hunting Creek's choir will present "Land of the Free" at Carriage Hill Retirement Center on Sunday, June 26. On Sunday, July 3, 7 p.m., the choir will present the same music at a special Patriotic Service. Joe Flowers is interim minister of music at the church.

Beginning Sunday, July 3, 6 p.m., Hunting Creek will host a series of marriage classes that will address issues such as myths, pressures, conflict, and faith. The classes will be led by Pastor David Williamson.

Mentow voted June 5 to call Rock Chocklett as Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults. Rock will begin his ministry at Mentow July 10, 2005.

A 27 member team from Mentow will serve on a mission team to York, PA, July 9-14.

A team of 11 members of Mentow will be serving on a mission team to Nicaragua July 22-29 with "Because We Care Ministries."

Mount Olivet has called Rev John Crawford as interim pastor. Rev. Crawford, a member of First Baptist Church in Roanoke, will officially begin his ministry with the church on July 10. Following the service that Sunday, the church will host a covered dish meal to welcome him.
Rev. Bob Sherrill has announced his retirement as pastor of Pecks, effective August 15. Rev. Sherrill has served at Pecks since 1973.
Timber Ridge has a mission team who will be serving July 9-16 in Nicaragua with "Because We Care Ministries."

Timber Ridge has cookbooks for sale at $10.00 each. If interested in purchasing one, call the church office at 540-586-9267.

Trinity will have a Homecoming Celebration on August 21st. The special morning worship service will feature Rev. Gale Lyon as guest speaker and will include special music. This will be followed by dinner on the grounds. Everyone is invited!

In a special offering recently, Trinity collected $470.79 for the Bedford Pregnancy Center.

Wedding Anniversaries

August 4 Tim & Ruby Dooley (Bethlehem)
August 7 Vernon & Wanda DeLong (Trinity)
August 9 Steve & Barbara Manuel (30 years) (SBA)
August 12 Rick & Laura Mallory (Morgans)
August 17 David & Donna Henderson (Bedford)
August 19 Dennis & Mary Moore (Beaverdam)
August 19 Bob & Mary Sherrill (Pecks)
August 20 Gary & Becky Fowler (45 years) (Flint Hill)
August 20 Ed & Nancy Greer (50 years) (Retired)
August 22 Grover & Mi Hua Stevens (Quaker)
August 26 Mike & Edith Grooms (Rainbow Forest)

The administrative assistant will be out of the office Wednesday, June 29, through Sunday, July 10. Have a blessed 4th of July!

Help us all stay informed. If you have information about what's going on at your church, please share it with us. Items for the August newsletter should be written and in the association office by Thursday, July 21.

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