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The "Tradition of Men" as Seen on TV

Colossians 2:6-9 reads, “As you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so continue to live in him. Keep your roots deep in him and have your lives built on him. Be strong in the faith, just as you were taught, and always be thankful. Be sure that no one leads you away with false and empty teaching that is only human, which comes from the ruling spirits of this world, and not from Christ.”

The King James translates verse 8, “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

You would think it would be an easy task to recognize empty human teaching that leads away, but it is not. The evidence of this is all around us. When believers begin to fight across the aisle and two or more versions of the dispute start to circulate with no regard for clear biblical instruction regarding attitudes and wagging poisonous tongues, you can be absolutely certain that empty human teaching is rampant.

Philosophy literally means “love of wisdom,” and this is not a bad thing at all. True wisdom that is of great value and benefit comes from God and should be sought after. Paul’s reference is to that field of wisdom pushed by the world that places man at the center of the universe where he is imagined to be all important and powerful. It’s the sort of wisdom we see chased after every day and most clearly defined and portrayed through the likes of reality and court TV, popular talk shows, and soap operas. In each instance a form of carnal wisdom is touted, audiences vote according to the “tradition of men,” and in the end you are deceitfully convinced just a little more that man is at the center of the universe.

Focus on Our Family

Association are invited to a youth concert at North Bedford on November 10, from 6 to 10 p.m. The band “Our Lady Sleeps” will be performing. There is no charge, but a love offering will be taken. Also, there will be a time of fellowship with refreshments afterward. If you are coming contact Jason Belk: home 434.237.5469, cell 901.288.6408, email

On November 10, 5 p.m., Norwood will host a Fundraising Spaghetti Dinner for Bedford Domestic Violence Services. Donations will be taken at the door and all funds will go to help with this local service. Everyone is invited. On December 8, starting at 7 a.m., Norwood will be splitting wood and delivering it to those in need. This has been a ministry for many years at Norwood and the work and need has grown each year. Norwood would like to invite ALL within our SBA that are led to help with this ministry to join us. So, come on out for a day of good fellowship, while ministering to others for God’s Glory. Lunch will be provided. For details, email or call 540.587.0202.

Palestine will host Mentow and Huddleston United Methodist for the annual Community Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, November 18, 7 p.m.

In Memoriam

Rev. Henry B. Land, Jr., died October 2, 2007, in Baltimore, MD, after a lifetime of service to God, his country, his family, and communities around the world. He was born on December 15, 1919, in Martinsville, VA, attended Wake Forest College, and graduated from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. H.B. married Evelyn Adams on May 18, 1944, and they had three children and five grandchildren. His last pastorate before retirement was Palestine Baptist Church in Huddleston, VA, where he served from 1971 to 1979. Rev. Land continued as pastor emeritus of the church for a number of years while he and Evelyn made their home at Smith Mountain Lake before moving to Maryland in 1986. A memorial service was held October 7 in Laurel, MD. H.B. will be buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery in the winter.
231st Annual Meeting
Statistical Info

Theme: “In the Name of Jesus”
Text: Matthew 6:53-56
Messengers registered: 177
Guests/Visitors registered: 48
Total attendance: 225
Congregations represented: 27
Commitment Offering Total: $571.61

Congregations with full messenger representation: Bedford, Flint Hill, Hunting Creek, Mentow, Norwood, Palestine, Quaker, Shady Grove, Suck Spring, Timber Ridge.

Heartfelt thanks to Palestine for their gracious hospitality—their warm welcome, the beautiful decorations, the delicious meal, the music—what a blessing! Thanks also to Ellen Mitchell, Hertha Nichols, and Melinda Nichols for their invaluable help with registration and to John Woodford for assembling the Program and Reports booklet.

Help Wanted

Beaverdam is seeking experienced volunteer praise band instrumentalists for Sunday worship. Call the church office (540.890.1294) Tuesday-Thursday.

Glade Creek is seeking a qualified childcare giver for two services on Sunday and one service and choir rehearsal on Wednesday. For additional information, call 540.309.1908.

Hunting Creek is looking for a part time youth leader. Send résumé to Brenda Oliver, 15251 Big Island Hwy., Big Island, VA 24526. For additional information, call 434.299.5763.

Men's Impact Conference

November 2-3, the SBCV, in partnership with Thomas Road Baptist Church, will host the second annual Men’s IMPACT Conference, with guest speaker Steve Farrar. The early registration cost of $25 includes, steak dinner, main sessions, over 25 breakout sessions, notebook, and an LU football game ticket. For more info or to register, go to

Etc., Etc., Etc.

My Friendship Connection, Sunday, November 4: Make this a special day of outreach by connecting your friends from work, school, and neighborhood to your church.

Virginia Baptists share an active and close partnership with our brothers and sisters in the Jamaica Baptist Union. As you likely know, the island nation of Jamaica was hit hard in August by Hurricane Dean. Our friends in the JBU have asked our help in support of their desired recovery ministries. Through our World Mission Initiatives Recovery funds, we have obtained funding to repair the roofs of 13 houses, seven churches and Nutshell, the JBU's camp and conference center. Now, we need teams of volunteers who can go and accomplish the repairs.

It is estimated that a team of 6-10 volunteers, one of whom is knowledgeable and experienced in roofing, can complete two jobs in one week of service. With this in mind, a total of 12 teams are needed. The expenses will be $60 per person per day for in country travel, housing and meals plus airfare. (As you know, airfare fluctuates. The projection is that most will be in the range of $800-1000 per person round trip.) The VBMB will provide the expenses for international accident/injury insurance and for construction materials.

Persons interested in forming a team may contact the Glocal Missions & Evangelism Team by calling 1.800.255.2428 or 804.925.5000 to speak with Craig Waddell (, Nichole Bulls ( or Terry Raines (

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Fifty people from twelve churches across Strawberry Association came out to help set up tents, spend an hour or so handing out cups of water or lemonade, prayerwalk, pass out tracts, and offer support at the increasingly popular baby changing/feeding station.

Thank you to the folks who were able and willing to participate on September 29, and thanks also to the churches in Strawberry Association for making this ministry possible—for six years now, Strawberry has had the privilege of sharing Christ’s love with thousands of people who show up on our doorstep!

Simple Church

What are we trying to accomplish with persons in our churches—to simply keep them busy, or something more intentional and significant?

Eric Geiger, co-author of the book, Simple Church, will attempt to answer those questions in a workshop on Monday, December 3, at Bonsack Baptist Church, 4845 Cloverdale Road (corner of US 220 and US 460) in Roanoke. Time for the event is 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and the cost of $20 per person includes lunch and all materials. Registration for ministers and lay leaders interested in the workshop is being accepted NOW by contacting the Southwest Virginia Christian Leadership Network, 540.777.3014 or 866.223.9344 (toll-free). You may also register by emailing

A Place for You in WMU!
Mrs. Lois Stevens, WMU Director
1118 Roundtree Dr., Bedford 24523
Phone: 540-586-7409

Women on Mission: Beaverdam is leading devotionals at Oakwood Manor in November; Diamond Hill will lead them in December. Pecks will host the November birthday party for residents of Bedford County Nursing Home; Mentow will host it in December.

WMU Dues ($2.00 for each member of Women on Mission and leaders of age-level organizations) are due now for the 2007-2008 year. Checks should be payable to Strawberry WMU and mailed to Mrs. Emily Morris, 2161 Penns Mill Rd., Big Island, VA 24526. Please mail by November 15.

Barbara Manuel was the speaker at the the annual Annie May Broyles group meeting hosted by Beaverdam on October 18. Wanda Goodrich will succeed Rosie Minter who has served faithfully for many years as group leader.


Dec 19 Eldridge Cullum (Thaxton)
Dec 23 David Williamson (Pecks)
Dec 31 Charles Stinson (Retired)

Wedding Anniversary

Dec 5 John & Esther Woodford (SBA)

Church Ministry Anniversaries

Dec 7 Gary Fowler (Pastor/Flint Hill/10 yrs.)
Dec 10 Calvin Sacra (Pastor/North Bedford/1 yr.)

This would be an easy job if you didn’t have to deal with people. —Richard Nixon, commenting on the American presidency

Help us all stay informed. If you have information about what's going on at your church, please share it with us. Items for the next newsletter should be written and in the association office by Wednesday, November 21.

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