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On November 29, 2002 a team of nine volunteer missionaries, which included some from Strawberry Association, traveled to Nicaragua for eight days of ministry. In just a few days, nineteen mountain villages were visited, and more than 3,000 people heard the Gospel message, and about 200 made decisions for Christ.

Because He Cares Ministries, a non-profit missionary organization headed by evangelist/missionary Don Gillette, has been carrying out this unique and much needed ministry for several years. In 2002 alone he has made ten trips to Nicaragua.

The team would arrive, and the members would begin visiting those who gathered. After about fifteen minutes a large group would congregate where they could begin the ministry efforts.
Gathering villagers together

Several of the team would use the guitar and singing to introduce the hearers to why they were there. It was always made clear that what the team had to share in song, word, and food was from the Lord, and the missionaries were ministering because of their love for Jesus and for the Nicaraguan people.
One village gathers to hear what the missionaries have to say

Following the singing, the evangelists would share a simple and brief message of what it means to have faith in Christ and be saved.
Hundreds would gather in the open to hear the Gospel preached.

An invitation was given, the ones interested in making a decision would be called aside and counseled, and then watermelon would be cut up and along with fresh bread would be shared with everyone present.
A total of 500 watermelons were cut up and passed among the people.

Someone from each family represented would get in line to receive food rations of beans, rice, and soy. In several of the villages a Christian doctor went along to treat the sick.
Three tons of food were distributed to the poor and hungry.

Many of these folks had never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. His word gives them hope and a new way to face the difficult and discouraging effects of life in Nicaragua.
Nicaragua is the second most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere.

There is still much work to be done. Future trips will include spiritual growth conferences for the thousands of new believers who will learn to take not just daily bread to the masses but the Bread of Life. Remember these kind and open people to the Lord that many many more will have opportunity to hear and believe.
The fields are indeed "white unto harvest".

Those interested in learning more about this mission effort can do so by contacting Don Gillette at 540-977-6120. You can also e-mail him at

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