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On August 30, 2003 a team of seven volunteer missionaries, which included several from Strawberry Association, traveled to Nicaragua for eight days of ministry. Heavy emphasis was given to discipleship training and pastoral training in the northern town of Somotillo. During the week more than 60 pastors and leaders, men and women alike, were trained during special seminars conducted in the afternoons, and at night area congregations were invited to participate in a special discipleship and worship time. Additional ministries included evangelism, food relief, and construction.

Because He Cares Ministries, a non-profit missionary organization headed by evangelist/missionary Don Gillette, has been carrying out this unique and much needed ministry for several years. Each year six or seven mission trips are put together and financed in order to share the love of Christ with wonderful people anxious for someone to minister to them.

Watermelon is a great tool to gather and quiet the children. It's an extra special treat they don't receive too often. Hundreds of melons have been purchased, loaded onto the back of trucks and carried into distant villages to help the team build a bridge to Jesus Christ.
Pastor Tim Mathia sharing in the "Watermelon Ministry"

Music and the guitar are always crowd gatherers. The children learn a song or two and join in as they help prepare young and old alike to hear a message about the One of whom we sing.
Classes are often dismissed in village schools so the students can come join the "choir".

At Ojo de Agua a new church is being built. This was another morning task of some of the team members as they traveled the muddy paths through the mountains.
The foundation was laid for the first church to be built in Ojo de Agua.

Temperatures were over 105 degrees as more than 60 pastors and leaders met in three different seminar groups. The men learned about the pastoral ministry, how to prepare sermons, and how and why it is important to involve the believers in ministry.
Indoors with little ventilation and almost 100% humidity, there was a thirst to grow.

There was no more room inside, so the women agreed to meet outside. They enjoyed the shade and breeze under a tree, but after a couple of hours they too were boiled by the heat and humidity. Mid-afternoon will not be the time of choice for the next team's training sessions!
During the week some 26 women participated in the leadership discipleship classes.

Amazingly, two of the team were invited by two different radio stations to share for thirty minutes about the great things God was doing in the lives of many individuals.
Barbara Manuel (on the right) and a local missionary doing a radio show on "Radio Juventud", 92.9.

Team members Woody Woodrum, Don Gillette, Steve Manuel, Tim Mathia, Betty Woodrum, Pam Gillette, and Barbara Manuel prepare to head back to the U.S.
Will you pray about being part of the next mission team to Nicaragua?

Those interested in learning more about this mission effort can do so by contacting Don Gillette at 540-977-6120. You can also e-mail him at

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