September 2007
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Calendar 2007

		1	New Year's Day (SBA office closed)
		2	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		7	Collegiate Ministries Emphasis Day
		15-16	Male Chorale Rehearsal/Retreat, EE
		15	"Disciple-Making Teachers" Workshop led by Josh Hunt
			Fort Trial Baptist Church, Stanleytown
		16	Executive Committee, VBRC, Richmond
		16	"How to Double Your Sunday School" Workshop
			Leader:  Josh Hunt, VBRC, Richmond
		16	Baptist Extension Board, VBRC, Richmond
		16	SBA WMU Planning Meeting, SBA office, 5 p.m.
		21 	Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

		2-3	Virginia Baptist Evangelism Conference:  "P.E.A.C.E. in 21-C"
				The Saint Paul's Baptist Church, Richmond
		4	Baptist World Alliance Day
		6	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		7	Network of Associational Workers
		8-9	Virginia Missions Forum
		9-10	Virginia Baptist Handbell Festival for 2-3 and 3-5 Octaves, EE
		12-18	WMU Focus Week
		16-17	Virginia Baptist Joint Handbell Festival for 3-5 Octaves
		17	Benefit Sing for Roger Cheek, Peck's, 6:30pm
		18	Virginia Baptist Colleges and Schools Day
		19	Southwest Evangelism Conference
		22	VA Ministry Education Forum, EE
		22-23	"The Next Level" Children's Ministry Leadership Conference
				North Roanoke
		24	Church Building Conference
		25	"True Love Waits" Rally, Mentow, 5:15 p.m.

		3	VBS Preview Day at LifeWay stores
		4-11	Week of Prayer for North American Missions/
				North American Mission Study 2007/
				Annie Armstrong Easter Offering/Global Missions Offering
		6	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		9-11	Senior High Weekend, EE
		9-11	Emerging Leaders Track at Sr. High Weekend, EE
		12	Executive Committee, VBRC, Richmond
		16-17	Co-Missioners Celebration
		16-17	Creativity & Youth Engagement (CYE), Bowling Green BC
		17	S4 Southwest Sunday School Summit, TBA
		18	Special Education Day
		22	Church Treasurers Workshop, 1:00-2:30 p.m.
			(Repeated) 7:00-8:30 p.m.
		22-24	Children's Ministry Certification, VBRC, Richmond
		24	Disaster Relief Training, Oak Level BC, Bassett
		25	Roanoke Regional YEC Prayer/Fellowship Rally, 
			Star City Skate, 6-8 p.m.
		30-31	Collegiate LTC, EE
		30-Apr 1	Acteens Weekender, CRCCC

		3	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		8	Easter Sunday
		13-15	Acteens Weekender, EE
		15	Cooperative Program Sunday
		17	SBA Executive Board Meeting, Quaker
		17-18	Virginia Baptist Mission Board, VBRC, Richmond
		18	Roanoke Regional YEC Youth Rally, 
			Bonsack Baptist Church, 7-9 p.m.
		19	Roanoke Regional YEC Evangelism & Encourager Training, 
			Bonsack Baptist Church, 7-9 p.m.
		20	Roanoke Regional YEC Harvest Rally,
			Roanoke Civic Center Theater, 7-9 p.m.
		19-21	Children's Ministry Certification, VBRC, Richmond
		24	Ministers New to Virginia Orientation, VBRC, Richmond
		26	SBA WMU Annual Meeting, Thaxton
		27-28	GA Mom & Me I, EE
		27-28	SBCV Deacon Retreat, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg
		28	Christmas in April (Bedford area)

		1	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		4	VBS Clinic (LifeWay's Game Day Central), Timber Ridge, 6-9 p.m.
		6	Virginia Baptist Homes Day
		11-12	Pastor, Deacon, Church Leader Retreat, EE	
		13	Mother's Day Benevolent Sunday
		14-17	"Gathering of Silence" Retreat, CRCCC
		18-20	VA Baptist Media Library Association Spring Workshop, EE
		19	Bible Drills/Speakers' Tournament, Monument Hghts Church, Richmond
		19	SBCV Bible Drills/Speakers' Tournament, Beulah Baptist, Lynchburg
		20-27	Associational Missions Emphasis/Week of Prayer
		21-23	Senior Adult Chautauqua, EE
		28	Memorial Day Observed (Office closed)

		5	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		8-10	Virginia Baptist Conference for the Deaf, EE
		12-13	Southern Baptist Convention, San Antonio, TX 
		17	Virginia Baptist Children's Home and Family Services Day
		24-30	Virginia Baptist Heritage Week
		25-29	Centrifuge I, EE
		28-30	Cooperative Baptist Fellowship-National, Washington, DC 

		1	Religious Liberty Sunday
		4	SBA Office Closed
		10	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		9-13	Centri-Kid I, EE
		9-13	SBCV Studenz Camp, Liberty University, Lynchburg
		11	SBCV Camp for an Evening, Liberty University, 
			Lynchburg, 5-10 p.m.
		16-20	Summer Music Camp – Grades 4-8, EE
		17	Baptist Extension Board, VBRC, Richmond
		19-20	Appalachian Ministers, Staff & Spouse Retreat, 
			Holiday Inn, Wytheville
		23-27	SBA Children's Summer Music Camp, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
			Bedford Baptist
		27	"Nic at Night," Children's Musical, 
			Bedford Baptist Fellowship Hall, 7 p.m.
		23-28	Missions Connection, EE
		29-Aug 14	DOM on vacation
		30-Aug 3	Centri-Kid II, EE

		2-3	Virginia Baptist Youth EnCounter
			   Richmond International Raceway
		4	Church Weekday Conference, Cool Spring Baptist Church
		6-10	Ministers Family Retreat, Oak Hill Academy
		7	Cancelled SBA Ministers Conference
		7-8	SBCV Youth Evangelism Conference
			   Liberty Baptist Church, Hampton
		16-18	Latino Network Pastors' Families Retreat, Location TBA
		17-18	Sunday School Summit (S3) – Josh Hunt, Keynote speaker, EE
		17-18	SBCV Church Leadership Conference
		24-25	Praise Team Weekend, Bon Air Church, Richmond

		3	Labor Day (SBA Office closed)
		4	SBA Ministers Conference, Trinity, 11 a.m. (Fellowship, 10:30)
		7-8	WMUV Advisory Board, CRCCC
				8	"Connect" area-wide Youth Event, Palestine, 4-10 p.m.
					$5 registration (deadline Sunday, September 2)
		9-16	Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions Emphasis/
			Week of Prayer
		9-16	SBCV Week of Prayer/ State Missions Offering
		14-15	Sunday School Summit, EE
		18	Ministers New to Virginia Orientation, VBRC, Richmond
		20	SBA's Rally for CenterFest, Trinity, 7-8:30 p.m.
		23	Religious Herald  Sunday
		23	"See You at the Pole" Rally, Mentow, 5 p.m.
		28-29	Baptist BEST Initiative – AYD course, part 1
		29	Bedford CenterFest

		2	Special SBA Ministers Conference, Beaverdam, 10 a.m. 
			(Lunch provided—RSVP to SBA office by Sept. 25)
		12-13	Fall Church Library Conference, First Baptist, Richmond
		12-14	Junior High Weekend, EE
		12-14	Emerging Leaders Track at Junior High Weekend, EE
		14	World Hunger Sunday
		15-19	"Gathering of Silence" Retreat, CRCCC
		18	Annie Mae Broyles Group Meeting
		18-20	Children's Ministry Certification, VBRC, Richmond
		19	Concert for Youth, Rainbow Forest, 7 p.m.
		19-20	SBCV Women's Conference, Colonial Heights
		19-21	Special Needs Retreat, EE
		26-27	Axis Collegiate Conference, EE
		28	"Consider Your Call" Sunday
		29	SBA Annual Meeting, Palestine

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