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Switzerland Partnership
by Pam Turpin


Evelyn signed up to go as a nurse with the group and I wasn't sure what I was going to do. But, God works in mysterious ways. My mother told me that I'd end up- cooking—since it is not one of my most favorite things to do. So, as July 1 approached we heard from Patty King, BSU Director at Lynchburg College. She led the group and took care of all the business end for us. Seven of us met at Lynchburg College on July 1 to take a van to Richmond to pick up three others on the team of ten. We had lunch and prayer at the Baptist Resource Center that day and then drove on to Dulles to catch our flight to Zurich. It was a long day, very long day. We sat on the plane at Dulles for two and one half hours because of thunderstorms! Finally, take off and an 8 hour flight to Zurich.

Friday morning in Zurich we met a group from Hannibal LaGrange College and rode on a bus for two hours to Grindelwald. This group was also helping with the youth camp. The day was rainy and misty so we couldn't see much of the mountains as we arrived in Grindelwald, but what we could see were glorious and majestic. You had to look almost straight up to see the tops of them.

We had a meeting of all the sponsors Friday afternoon. Kim Bagwell the leader of the camp mentioned some areas in which they needed help. We were asked to volunteer for these duties. Guess where I ended up! You've got it –the kitchen.

Saturday the youth starting arriving after lunch. There were about 240 of them there from all over Europe. They were mostly missionaries' children and military personnels' children. All week I was impressed with their Christian attitudes and commitment. They seemed to love the camp and all that they were involved in doing that week.

Evelyn and the other nurses met many of the youth that week as small accidents occurred. I saw all of them at one time or another in the kitchen. They were divided into twelve teams and each team had time working in the kitchen at some meal. So my job turned out mainly to be supervising them as they washed dishes and helped set up the kitchen. By the way, there was a chief cook who planned meals and did most of the cooking!

Each morning the youth were involved in worship, small group interest times and in team time. The afternoons were free for shopping, swimming or going on trips to different area interest points. I went with a group to Trummelbach Falls—a glacier created falls of 20,000 liters of water per second. Also, I went white water rafting with a group---on the beginners rivers.

At night there was worship and team times for the youth again. Each team accumulated points throughout the week for cheers developed, skits performed, and Bible knowledge competitions held every night. At the end of the week—Thursday—, the winning teams were announced. Everybody cheered for the last place team as much as they did for the first place winners.

I think everybody went away a winner this week. Decisions were made for Christ, and we all came away spiritually enriched by the experience. It was a wonderful experience for me to see youth who are proud to exhibit their Christian ideals in their daily walk.

Pam Turpin

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